French industrial group specialised in construction materials


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    1,500 companies on 6 000 sites
    present in 52 countries
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    25 support centres
    throughout the world
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    2,000 Local technical contacts
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    110,000 workstations
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    PC Solutions « team »

Key issues

  • Ensure IT/workstation/master standards for the group
  • Define the frameworks for the workstations for the whole group
  • Supply the tools for mastering and for flexible and simple reporting for the support teams
  • Supply L3 support on workstation problems
  • Organise the community of technical contacts

Provided services


Solutions & Achievments


  • Master: maintenance / assistance / evolution / Technological oversight with a system of 5 Systems Architects
  • Maintenance cycle: roadmap 1 major update per year and 4 minor updates per year


  • Design, in project mode, of masters for XP, W7 W8.1…32 MUI – HTML / Java
  • Management and development of a web portal for disseminating information about the workstation
  • Supply of deployment solutions (SCCM) for the workstation and associated tools
  • POC Windows 10


  • Transmission of expertise on products of the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Implementation of methods and tools compliant with Microsoft standards
  • Support to change during various hardware transitions