Large french retailer


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    600 points of sale in France
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    20 million pages of reporting per month
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    3,000 users

Key issues

  • Large volume of data to be processed
  • More than 20 million pages to be produced in a period of 3 days each month
  • Requirement to produce unified reporting for the entire group
  • Requirement to issue overall reports (group) and detailed reports (shops)
  • Requirement for simultaneous and secure access for all users over a very short period (beginning of the month)

Provided services


Solutions & Achievments

  • Installation of a cluster for storing data
  • Production of monthly and aggregate statements
  • Development of a real-time data functioning solution according to the originator of the request
  • Management of permissions for access to data in a reverse pyramid in real time


  • Generation of all reports with secured access in 3 days each month
  • Issue of a single digital report to “manage” security of data access