French leader in cinema operation


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    70 cinemas  771 screens
    Paris region, Provence-Alps-Cote d’Azur and Rhône Alpes
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    to be modernised
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    2,000 users

    Key issues

    • Management’s desire to move the infrastructure serving the business lines to the Cloud:
      • Ability to evolve (infrastructure with margin)
      • Necessity for an external infrastructure in the absence of an internal team
      • Standardisation and improvement of the reliability of the information system (on the security side)
      • Adapt the information system and infrastructure to the requirements of digital cinema
    • Strengthen the positioning of LCGP as a technological leader in the cinema industry

    Provided services


    Solutions & Achievments

    • Creation of a new central AD with overhaul of roles and functions in the company
    • Establishment of identity federation with Microsoft Office 365
    • Operational deployment on all cinemas and the head office of the company
    • Operation and facilities management of all On-premises and Cloud infrastructure
    • Conduct of numerous concomitant projects on the information system


    • Optimisation of the management of LCGP IT teams
    • Implementation of a reliable system
    • Establishment of technical and business supervision
    • Functional and technical standardisation of infrastructure resulting in making business communication smoother