The European Union’s number one bank and a leading player on the international banking scene, BNP Paribas is present in 68 countries with over 19, 000 employees and offers its clients financing, investment, savings and insurance solutions.

Guarantee data security and availability

The project

BP²I, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas following the joint venture between IBMP and BNP Paribas, was looking for a trusted partner that could ensure continuous optimisation and operational maintenance of its 4 data centres in the Seine Saint-Denis area near Paris.

Provide operational maintenance for physical and virtual infrastructures

Project goals

To address these needs, Experteam deployed a team of around 25 experts to ensure continuity of service for BP²I’s data centres and provide on-site support for the physical infrastructures and oversee the IT relocation projects.

Industrialising processes to ensure more efficient handling of requests

What we did

Every day, Experteam applies a proactive, preventive approach to ensure meticulous, industrial use of its resources.

Working closely with BP²I, our experts provided the following services:

  • On-site support (patrolling, stock and access management, deployment and decommissioning, cabling, configuration and update management, managing DCIM repositories, etc.)
  • Qualifying, prioritising and handling requests for on-site support (diagnostics, troubleshooting, hardware management, network operations) for the technical physical infrastructure of the datacentres
  • Managing relocation projects (coordinating the participants and the phases of the relocation)
  • Implementing a single access point to centralise on-site services at the data centres in France, Belgium and Italy
  • Updating the repositories
  • Guaranteeing coordination of staff and quality of service

Thanks to our fast response times and faultless service, BP²I can now ensure the security and availability of its clients’ data and address their future storage needs.

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