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We help companies and organisations using technology to amplify human potential!

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A start-up set up in 2008 as part of HELPLINE, Experteam speeds up digital transformation and boosts companies' and organisations' digital performance.

To encourage more independence for business lines and empowerment for employees, our 230 Engineers, Architects, Consultants and Project Managers guide companies and organisations through the "digital jungle" and help them choose, set up and use smart solutions that match their needs and create value.​

Our expertise
4 areas of expertise to support your digital transformation

To ensure more independence for business lines and empowerment for employees, our experts provide consultancy, integration, deployment, operation services and assistance in adopting technologies, through 4 major areas of technology

Key figures

of existence
Consultants, Architects,
Engineers, Project managers
locations in Paris, Lyon and Tunis
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new certifications in 2020
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(CAC 40, ETI et PME)
  • Gold Data Analytics
  • Gold Cloud Platform
  • Gold Cloud Productivity
  • Gold Application Integration
  • Gold Collaboration and Content
  • Gold Datacenter
  • Gold Windows and Devices
  • Gold Security

United by our values, strengthened by our diversity

Experteam: 230 people with different backgrounds and experience.​

What do we have in common? An insatiable passion for digital, a genuine flair for innovation and a focus on simplicity, under the guidance of a human-first management team that encourages empowerment and initiative.



Since its inception, Experteam has been built on intrapreneurship. So it's no surprise that we're a team of proactive self-starters who are always ready to build together and encourage and support ideas that open up new possibilities!



Experteamers are first and foremost passionate about technology. We firmly believe that our curiosity and our commitment to sharing knowledge with our clients and partners are fundamental to the success of our projects, every day!



Because we want each member of the Team to experience the satisfaction of contributing to innovative projects that make a real difference to our clients, all our initiatives are geared towards acquiring new skills and sharing knowledge!



We're close to our employees and our clients. We take the time to understand each person's needs and challenges so that together we can create a climate of understanding, trust and respect.

Experteam's CSR commitments

Striking a balance between People, the Environment and Technology​
Social, environmental and technological issues are central to Experteam's growth strategy. Creating jobs, protecting the environment and providing access to new technologies to help people are the foundations of the company's mission statement: amplify human potential with technology.

The men and women in our teams are what make Experteam what it is today and help shape the Experteam of tomorrow. That’s why our priorities and commitments are all about people, because it’s by building a relationship based on trust, transparency and close contact with all our stakeholders that we constantly foster the company’s development.

According to a report by the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management, IT accounts for 10% of the world’s electricity consumption: that’s as much as the aviation industry. If things don’t change, by 2025, digital will cause as much pollution as the world’s automobile traffic. The commitments we make today will determine what sort of company we want to be tomorrow, which is why we are constantly changing the way we do things.

Experteam also has a responsible, sustainable approach to procurement and vendor relations, which is why it has built sustainable relationships with its service providers and sub-contractors based on mutual trust and respect and fair, honest business practices.

Sharing and helping others are part of Experteam’s DNA, which is why we actively encourage supporting charities and volunteering.

Meet the Management team

Meet the men and women who set Experteam's course and ensure its growth every day!

Experteam thrives under the management of a team of committed, enthusiastic professionals with different backgrounds united by a common goal: to help our clients and staff grow and move forward.​

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A graduate of Centrale-Supélec engineering school and Imperial College London, Sébastien left his job as Director of Orange's Operational Centre to take over as Managing Director of Experteam in 2015 with the aim of reshaping its strategy and value proposition.
Every day, Sébastien, a fan of sailing and team sports and a father of 3 little boys, encourages initiative and co-innovation - not only among his teams but with our clients and partners. He likes to sum up this approach with the famous saying: "1+1=3."
An engineer by training, Cyrille came to us after a background in telecoms. After spending 9 years with BT, he joined Experteam in 2017 as Head of Operations and oversee our outsourcing services.
Independent, restless and hyperactive by nature, Cyrille is a former football coach who enjoys boxing and running. Every day he encourages his teams to look for challenges and surpass themselves.
"Those who think winning doesn't matter will never win anything." Pelé
After nearly 10 years working for digital service companies, Cécile is now in charge of hiring talent, training and career management, as well as Experteam's other HR needs.
A good listener and blessed with computer-like organisational skills, she likes to free herself from the limitations of her Outlook calendar and always makes time for each member of the Team.
When she's not in the office, Cécile, a lover of sports and the great outdoors, likes to go to Normandy to charge her batteries, garden and cook.
A business school graduate, Manon previously held a series of positions in communication and events all over the world, including in India and Japan. Since she joined Experteam in late 2019 as Head of Marketing and Comms, Manon, a fan of graphic design and decorating, has used her versatility and creativity to revamp and breathe new life into our brand.
Watch out for the wet paint!
After nearly 15 years' experience as Head of Accounts for our parent company, Béatrice joined us in 2019 to head up Experteam's Finance department, complete with all the necessary tracking and coordination tools.
Equally energetic and generous at home as she is in the workplace, Béatrice is also a mother who loves roller-blading and Spanish cooking. She finds an outlet for her creativity in sewing, jewellery-making and gardening.
After an international career during which he spent over 7 years with various digital service companies, Rémy joined us as Sales Director, with the aim of promoting and developing Experteam's service offering. Whether at the office or on the rugby pitch, Rémy, a fan of sports and Italian cuisine, is above all a people person.
PS: Make sure you stay in his good books because he often brings croissants in the morning!
With Experteam since 2011, Stéphane headed up Experteam's technical department in 2015.
With nearly 25 years' technical expertise, Stéphane, a fan of technology, music and electronics is also the person behind our expert practice and community.
A committed, enthusiastic leader, Stéphane is ever attentive to the needs of his clients and his team.
His greatest pride is the winning trio of client/team/Sales which enables us to offer and deliver innovative, ambitious projects.

His favourite quote:
"If A equals success, then the formula is: A=X+Y+Z. X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut." (Einstein)

Our partner ecosystem

Because we firmly believe that collaborations are key to innovation and help us boost the added value we bring our clients, Experteam has built strong, lasting ties with leading technology partners.

Because our partnership with Microsoft is an essential part of our DNA and our services offering, our consultants are strongly committed to keeping up to date with their training and certifications so they can help companies and organisations choose licences, as well as developing and implementing innovative solutions leveraging Microsoft technologies. Our technological expertise and service was rewarded in 2021 with 8 areas of Gold certification.

An essential part of our smart cloud service offering, our partnership with the world leader in cloud computing means we can assist you at every stage of the cloud adoption process and help you get the most out of AWS services.

In keeping with our vision of technology that “speaks human,” our partnership with the Nexthink platform allows us to support IT teams understand their end-users’ needs and uses and thus constantly optimise employees’ digital experience.

Via our partnership with the leader in mobile security, we can offer our clients innovative solutions to ensure post-perimeter security for mobile devices, whether partially or completely company-owned whilst guaranteeing user privacy.

Our partnership with the world leader in security means we can offer you solutions to simplify, strengthen and secure your data centre data, cloud applications and terminals at minimal cost.

Specialists in cybersecurity, Proofpoint enables Experteam to offer its clients the best multi-channel security and compliance solutions on the market.

Experteam uses Samsung Knox’ renowned expertise in mobile device security to offer companies end-to-end support in securing and managing their devices.

Impressed with our expertise in user workplace systems and engineering, Caphyon, the world leader in application packaging and virtualisation solutions chose Experteam as its only French partner to license its Advanced Installer solutions.

Our partnership with one of the leading French CSPs (Cloud Solution Provider) enables us to help companies use Microsoft’s cloud by offering them the full range of services included in their subscriptions and ensuring a unified licence management solution.

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