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Experteam offers solutions to ensure optimal data and workplace security for your mobile users.

Secure, optimise and innovate to ensure a unique digital experience

Changing patterns of consumption, new regulatory requirements and the arrival on the scene of new players using disruptive business models are constantly speeding up the digital transformation of the whole Banking, Finance and Insurance ecosystem.​

In order to stay ahead of the game in this new, highly competitive ecosystem, traditional players need to undergo a profound and radical change in order to reinvent the customer experience and develop new uses and solutions designed to improve strategic operations and stay profitable.​​

Faced with these considerable challenges – as well as the need to address cybercrime threats – IT is more essential than ever to an organisation’s transformation.​

To help you address these challenges, Experteam offers ground-breaking services and innovative solutions designed to make you more:​

  • customer-centric: to improve both the customer experience and that of your teams’
  • responsible: to help you honour your CSR commitments, guarantee security for people and data, and reduce compliance risks
  • efficient: to optimise your business processes and facilitate the adoption of new uses

Use cases
Here are just some of the ways in which our teams can help you.
  • ​Managing the IT issues associated with mergers & acquisitions or opening new branches
  • Migrating infrastructures to public and private clouds and operational maintenance
  • Organising and storing data in compliance with new data protection standards
  • Turning your data into relevant reports to simplify decision making
  • Improving the security of your infrastructures, devices, applications and data (identity management, GDPR compliance, alerting clients, employees and partners to cybersecurity issues)
  • Devising and implementing a mobile strategy to ensure a seamless, uninterrupted working environment for your mobile workforce
  • Deployment and assistance in adopting Microsoft 365 collaborative solutions (Teams, SharePoint, etc.) to ensure secure exchanging of confidential information
  • Implementing green by design services, in line with your CSR commitments
  • Digitalising and automating your business processes
  • Optimising procurement of Microsoft licences

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