France’s leading cinema chain, Pathé Gaumont runs around 80 cinemas all over France employing almost 2000 people.

IT transformation: the key to innovation strategies

The project

Changing content consumption patterns has profoundly changed the distribution system.
To address this issue, cinema distribution companies are being forced to challenge their business model, secure their assets and constantly reinvent the customer experience in order to stand out from the competition and retain customers.

In keeping with their mission to “maintain the popularity of cinema-going, throughout the ages and regardless of changing technologies”, Pathé Gaumont Cinemas took the bold step a few years ago of adopting a cloud-first approach in order to make their infrastructures more secure and reliable and ensure optimised management of their IT resources.

Reimagining the workplace to get the most out of the cloud

Project goals

As part of its cloud-first strategy, LCPG asked Experteam to secure its infrastructures and facilitate IT maintenance and upgrading so that both the IT team and other departments could benefit from optimised resources and focus on innovation and creating unique services.

From architecture to infrastructure outsourcing

What we did

The optimisation phase consisted of the following key stages:

  • Deploying a new Active Directory including changing the company’s roles and functions
  • Designing and implementing a new Office 365 architecture
  • Designing and implementing a single Windows base
  • Improving reliability of the system by implementing identity federation with Microsoft 365 Z407
  • Operational deployment across all the cinemas and at head office
  • Outsourced technical monitoring and running of all the hybrid on-premise/cloud infrastructure

Once the project was completed, the newly streamlined infrastructures allowed LCGP to make significant cost savings. Furthermore, the single technical base our experts provided allowed users to design a connected, secure scalable working environment.

Pleased with Experteam’s service, the client subsequently asked us to handle a number of other development projects for managing its IoT assets and creating custom BI solutions to help the various business lines optimise data mining.

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