A major player on the global industrial scene, VINCI Energies is stepping up its deployment of new technologies to facilitate its digital transformation and energy transition.

To cope with increasing external cyberattacks, Experteam and Vinci developed a solution to manage compliance levels on workstations and servers.

The project

In order to reinforce its workstation security, Vinci Energies asked Experteam to implement a solution for checking and analysing compliance of its 58,000 workstations and 4,000 servers.

A turnkey tool for the IT and applications teams

Project goals

To cope with the increase in cloud uses and multi-device working environments and ensure better protection of devices, Vinci’s IT team asked our experts to help design custom, interactive dashboards so they could:

  • Ensure compliance with rules
  • Identify how long and on which items devices have been compliant
  • Analyse other software items (antivirus, MS Office, etc) ​
  • Maintain a log over the past 24 months of the Windows patches applied by CMCB (a feature that was natively absent) ​
  • Keep close track of changing compliance rates during deployments or critical situations​
  • Update compliance rules

Dashboards created on Power BI for scalable analytics

What we did

For this project, Experteam’s consultants helped Vinci Energies develop an innovative solution based on CMCB, SQL Server 2017​ and Power BI made up of 5 key steps:

  • Implementing temporal table features in SQL Server in order to generate a log over 24 months​
  • Developing SSIS scripts to integrate data in the data repository ​
  • Building an SSAS cube offering optimal response times despite large data volumes
  • Creating Power BI dashboards to consult data and featuring drill-down functions enabling analysis of causes of non-compliance
  • Adding surveillance of new software components

With their combination of workstation know-how and expertise in agile BI solutions, our experts were able to provide Vinci Energies’ workstation teams with a turnkey solution for analysing vulnerability of its terminals and network and thus prevent and mitigate risks from software malfunctions, viruses, cyber-attacks and unauthorised access rights.

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