Meet Adil, a Modern Workplace Consultant

Adil, our Modern Workplace Consultant, tells you about his job.
Whenever I start a project, as a technical expert, the first thing I do is understand the client's issues and needs.

Hello, I’m Adil WAAZIZ and I’m a Workplace and security Consultant for Experteam.
It’s my job to help our clients with their modern workplace projects.
More specifically, I audit their infrastructures and advise them on what solutions to implement to modernise and secure their workplace.

Some of our clients come to us with a specific idea of the solutions they want, whilst others need a little help deciding.

Whatever the case, whenever I start a project, as a technical expert, the first thing I do is understand the client’s issues and needs and make sure we’ve identified the right the solution.
Typically, we start off with workshops where we look at the technical constraints. That gives us a good idea of the scope of the project, allows us to identify key issues and identify or confirm the right solutions for the existing solution ecosystem.

For example, recently I was working with a public-sector organisation that was looking to replace McAfee with a cloud solution. They needed a solution that could detect and prevent security threats, but also identify the main breaches via smart, automated reports.
Together we decided to migrate to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.
Following a 3-phase roadmap, I started by helping the client prepare the environment by checking all the prerequisites in terms of asset management, network flows and to coordinate licence purchases.
The next step involved configuring Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and implementing protection strategies with the Microsoft Defender antivirus.
Finally, the last step was device enrollment and deploying the strategy for managing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

After encountering some issues integrating Windows 7 machines, requiring some complex updates, we managed to resolve all the technical difficulties.
The client was very pleased with the solution which has enabled them to step up device security, just as a sudden and sharp rise in remote working made users’ equipment particularly vulnerable to threats.