Meet Romain, a Microsoft 365 Architect and Project Manager

Romain, a Microsoft 365 Architect and Project Manager, tells you about his job.
It's my job to help clients with their Office 365 integration or migration projects.

Hello, I’m Romain Norget and I’m an Office 365 Architect and Project Manager.
This basically involves helping our clients with their Office 365 integration or migration projects.

There are lots of ways to upgrade an IT infrastructure.
For me, the first step involves assessing the existing infrastructure in order to identify the technical prerequisites and define users’ needs.
Based on this initial evaluation, I can then make some technical recommendations to the client, depending on their budget and the existing solutions.
I also look at the impact of migrating to the solution chosen, and thus make a cost estimate and draw up a schedule.
I also make a risk assessment so I can recommend security measures in preparation for rolling out the solution.
This planning phase makes it easier for the client to make decisions and to ensure that the choice of solution takes into account all the necessary parameters.
Meanwhile, I draft the documents to help the users adopt the solutions and plan training sessions for the client’s technical support team.

In a nutshell, as both Architect and Project Manager, I can oversee and coordinate the project from A to Z.
At the end of the day, my job is all about improving the client’s IT architecture by offering technology solutions so that their users can work efficiently and with a minimum of hassle. To give you an example, I recently helped a client in the luxury industry migrate their workstations and email.
In addition to the technical changes, I also assisted with change management.
Change management is an aspect of project management that a lot of companies overlook and don’t plan sufficiently for.
In this case, however, the client trusted us and really invested in a communication and training action plan that we rolled out from the outset.
In the end, we were able to give hands-on support to users throughout the project and thus facilitate adoption of the tools.