Camieg, a French health insurance provider, provides support and cover for 515,000 employees and pensioners in the electricity and gas industries (EDF, Engie, RTE, etc.) and their beneficiaries.

Rethinking the employee experience

The project

With the aim of creating a modern user experience and offering its stakeholders services to align with their changing needs in terms of mobility, cooperation and security, Camieg needed help in analysing, choosing, configuring and deploying a collaborative solution.

Because of our association with RESAH (a public-interest group that encourages sharing and professionalising procurement in the healthcare sector), Experteam was the natural choice for Camieg for this project.

Providing new tools for teamwork

Project goals

To address these needs, our experts recommended Camieg use choose Microsoft Teams, as it facilitates exchanges and collaboration as well as allowing close, secure integration with the existing Office 365 applications.

To ensure a successful implementation of the solution, Experteam’s consultants assisted Camieg with administration, risk management and optimising uses.

Assistance with new uses

What we did

After presenting the features of Microsoft Teams and Yammer and holding a preparation workshop to determine user expectations, our experts opted for an approach comprised of the following main steps:

  • Defining an action plan and contextualising the workshops
  • Checking the prerequisites and the existing Office 365 architecture
  • Holding workshops with a focus on issues associated with administration of the solution and security management in order to identify the necessary security measures to implement
  • Deployment, configuration and administration of Microsoft Teams
  • Drafting recommendations and best practices for the technical and support teams
  • Recommending an adherence strategy and communication plan to ensure easy user adoption
  • Drafting a users guide
  • Analysing user performance
  • Providing support hours via a Q&A to facilitate immediate skills transfer, and support within a week for follow-up

Thanks to end-to-end assistance for both the technical and change aspects, Camieg was able to provide users with a platform integrated into the Office 365 ecosystem that ensures seamless exchanges, easier access to resources and more efficient teamwork for mobile and on-site work.

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