“At the end of 2020, Experteam helped us with Microsoft’s Power BI solution, with best practices for using Desktop and using the spaces for publishing on-line and on-premise reports on our PBIRS server.”
IRSN’s IT Project Manager

Widespread roll-out of Power BI

The project

The IRSN has used Microsoft Power BI for several years. Impressed by its potential and the productivity gains it generates, the Institute asked Experteam to roll out the solution right across the organisation.

Facilitate adoption of the tool and improve skills

Project goals

IRSN asked Experteam to provide training and support for its teams as well as informing them of best practices in order to ensure more efficient, consistent use of the solution.

Help end-users to develop their own turn-key solutions

What we did

To address the challenges inherent in adopting a new tools such as Power BI, our consultants helped IRSN’s project teams optimise their reports and define development, deployment, sharing and security management best practices.

They assisted the Institute with the following issues:

  • Technical support for deploying reports on PBI Report Server
  • Retrieving and structuring data from certain specific sources
  • Obtaining statistics on use of the platform from PBI reports
  • Assistance with user, access rights and role management
  • Implementing a process for upgrading the deployment platform and development tools
  • Sharing and securing the reports
  • Adjusting and optimising the business reports generated
    Skills transfer and drafting user documents
  • Running seminars and making presentation videos
  • Configuring PBI in cloud mode and taking into account external constraints
  • Level 3 support to resolve issues

The IRSN now has a preferential reporting solution to ensure fast, secure sharing of research data, both within the organisation and to clients.

“We were very impressed with Experteam’s expertise,” said one of the client’s IT Project Managers, “particularly in analysing and optimising some of the reports, optimising data collection for certain sources and their recommendations for sharing and securing reports. This 3-month service provided us with the requisite documents and tutorials for our business lines.”

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